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How Should You Wash Your Car In The Winter?

With frosty mornings, rainy days, and dark nights, knowing how to wash your car in the winter can be difficult. With slush and salt on the streets and cold temperatures, winter is extremely tough on vehicles. If you get into the habit of cleaning your car regularly this winter season, you will set yourself (and your vehicle) up for success! Today, we are outlining 5 tips for how you should wash your car in the winter.

How To Wash Your Car In The Winter

Wash Your Car In The Winter: Rinse Regularly Rinse Your Car Regularly

On winter roads, your car will encounter things like salt, grit, and rotting leaves. These things can can all stick to your paintwork and leave harmful deposits behind. This, in turn, causes the onset of rust, which will eat away at your car’s exposed metal work if it is left unchecked.

To avoid the possibility of rust, we suggest that you rinse off all mud, salt, snow, and slush from your vehicle as soon as you possibly can. Rinsing regularly will help keep your car looking its best and running smoothly during the colder months.


Remove Dirt and Salt Buildup

Our next tip is to remove any dirt and salt buildup from your car’s undercarriage. Salt, dirt, and moisture deposits are the most harmful on your car’s undercarriage where metal components are less protected. If rust takes hold here, you could face all sorts of mechanical issues down the road, or see the resale value of your car plummet when it comes time to trade it in or resell. This is why you should always remove buildup from the underside of your car. Do not forget to clean off the wheel arches, door jams, and the spaces between the bumpers, bonnet, and boot.


Add a Strong Layer of Protective Wax

Waxing adds more gloss and protects the exterior of your vehicle from things like sun exposure and small scratches. If you have never waxed your car before, don’t worry, it is not difficult. This is a great way to ensure your paintwork is protected during the winter. To apply wax, add some to a foam applicator and rub it into the finish in a swirling motion. Wipe off the excess with a microfiber towel. Your car will now be more protected from winter’s grit and grime.


Clean the Carpets and Upholstery

Next, to wash your car in the winter, make sure to clean the carpets and upholstery from time to time. Your wet and muddy shoes will bring in a lot of dirt into your car. Even if you have car mats, dirt will still find a way into the carpets, creating stains and smells.

It is important to thoroughly clean your car’s interior, to keep it looking (and smelling) fresh! Rocket Carwash makes cleaning your floor mats quick and easy with our state-of-the-art mat machine. Head to your nearest Rocket Carwash location today!


Wash Your Car In The Winter: Keep Windshield CleanKeep the Windshield Smear-Free

Finally, keeping your car clean in the wintertime is not all about looks but safety, too! Believe it or not, sun dazzle is more common in the winter than it is in the summer because the sun is low during peak driving hours. When the sun hits them on a winter’s morning, or when the sun is low in the sky, dangerous dazzle could impact your ability to drive the car safely.

That’s why it is so important to keep your windshield clean and free from smears. Also, it goes without saying that if you park your car outside, make sure you clear your windscreen, roof, and rear window of any snow or ice before driving. Not only can leaving it impair your vision, it could also cause a distraction for other drivers.

Closing Note

We hope these tips will help you take care of your car and wash your car in the winter safely! For an extra boost, head down to your nearest Rocket Carwash and treat your vehicle to a fresh wash. Learn more about our wash feature here!

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Dog Owners: This is How You Keep Your Car Hair-Free

Keep Your Car Hair-Free

There’s nothing better than bringing your best buddy along for the car ride. Chances are, “wanna go for a ride?” is one of your dog’s favorite things to hear. We adore our pets, and we want them by our side everywhere we go, but sometimes, bringing your furry friend along means leaving behind a mess in your vehicle. Luckily, we’ve gathered 5 tips for you on how to get dog hair out of your car!


1. Give your dog a thorough brushing

Before even letting your dog into the car, make sure to thoroughly brush him before he runs to the car. Using tools and products like a shedding brush or de-shedding shampoos can keep your dog’s unwanted hair from entering your vehicle in the first place.

Less loose hair on your dog means you are less likely to have the fur clinging to your seats later. This is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your car hair-free!

Keep Your Car Hair-Free: Brush Beforehand

2. Use car seat covers

Second, to get dog hair out of your car, we highly recommend using seat covers. Cargo covers are designed specifically for the back cargo area in minivans and SUVs. Their design fits snugly against the back of the seat and the floor, keeping all areas dog-hair free. The best part about pet car seat covers is that you can easily remove them and clean them after travel.

This eliminates the struggle of trying to clean the car seats later. Before committing to a seat cover, be sure to measure your backseat area to ensure you purchase one that fits securely. 

An alternative option is by using old blankets, towels, or sheets to serve the same purpose. While they do help to combat the amount of dog hair, these will not work as effectively as a real seat cover. 

Keep Your Car Hair-Free: Use Car-Seat Covers


3. Keep your dog in one area of the car

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, however, can really help to get rid of dog hair in your car. By keeping your dog in one area of the car, you are eliminating the chances of hair spreading to multiple areas. For a smaller dog, for example, consider using a pet crate or restraint to keep your pooch safe and from moving from place to place. By confining your dog to one area, you will have a much easier cleanup later.


4. Use a lint roller or rubber gloves

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent every piece of dog fur from accumulating on your car seats, even while following the above tips. After your trip with your dog, take a look into the backseat to assess the conditions. We suggest using a lint roller to start collecting some of that loose hair. 

Another trick that we recommend is the rubber glove trick. Gather some routine, rubber cleaning gloves and sweep your hands over the car’s surfaces and upholstery. Make sure to only sweep your gloves in one direction, never back and forth. If this is not working, consider lightly wetting your gloves. The loose hair should stick to the surface of the glove or form larger clumps, which are easier to remove.


5. Regularly clean and vacuum your car

Our fifth tip to remove dog hair from your car is to regularly clean and vacuum! Routinely vacuuming your car will not only remove dog hair, but also dust, dirt, and debris. Use a soft brush head to get inside all of the creases of the seat, then, use a crevice tool to clean all the hard-to-reach areas. You never know where that dog hair might be hiding!


End Note:

At Rocket Carwash, we have free-to-use vacuums for all of our guests! Engineered to work hard and clog less, each vacuum includes a compressed air gun, crevice tool, and super vac. Don’t wait until your car has accumulated dog hair! Stop by your local Rocket Carwash and leave with a fresh, clean car.

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How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Car Windows

Do you want to get rid of water spots on your car windows? Those pesky white-edge splotches that appear after it rains or snows are remnants of hard water that has dried. While it may seem like these water spots could be simply wiped away, the minerals in the hard water do not allow that. Fortunately, there are a bunch of ways you can remove the water spots on your car windows! Follow Rocket Carwash’s tips, and your windows will be shining in no time!


  • 1 Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Water (distilled or bottled)
  • 100% Cotton towel or Foam applicator pad
  • Microfiber towel
  • One-step polish


Time is of the essence 

When it comes to removing water spots on car windows, time is absolutely of the essence. It will be a lot easier to remove hard water spots immediately after it happens rather than trying to get rid of them after sitting out for hours or days. Unfortunately, because there are minerals that etch into the surface of your car, they are much harder to clean.

How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Car Windows: Wash your car

Wash your car

The first step to getting rid of water spots on windows is to wash the car thoroughly. Visit your local Rocket Carwash in order to remove road grime and dust from your car. This will also help to eliminate some of the minerals in the dried, hard water. Before beginning the spot removal process, make sure the car is completely dry.


Create your vinegar/water solution

After washing and drying your car, mix 1 part white vinegar with one part distilled or bottled water. It is best to avoid tap water because it contains minerals. Pour your vinegar/water mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto the affected windows. You’ll need to allow the mixture to work for up to 10 minutes. The minerals in hard water are more alkaline in nature, the acid in the vinegar will help to neutralize them. 

How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Car Windows

Rinse and wash the car again

After allowing the solution to sit for 10 minutes, wash and dry the car again in order to fully remove the solution. The minerals from the hard water should be mostly gone by this point, but you may still notice rings.


Polish the windows

Using your one-step polish and a foam applicator pad (or microfiber towel), apply the polish to the remaining water spots on the car windows. Buff off the area with a dry microfiber towel. If some spots still remain, repeat this process as many times as needed. 


If needed, use detailing clay

If those pesky water spots are still giving you trouble, we recommend that you use detailing clay. It is much like an artist’s clay in that the clay can be kneaded and shaped. Detailing clay is perfect for the smaller sections of water spots since it forces the mineral residue to disappear.

How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Car Windows

End Note

Remember, the key to removing water spots on car windows is to not let them stand too long, especially in the sun. With a little bit of elbow grease, and possibly a trip down to Rocket Carwash, your water spots will be gone in no time at all!

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The Best Way To Get Your Wheels Clean

Are you looking for the best way to get your wheels clean? Car wheels are some of the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. They collect everything from dirt and dust to grease and gravel, but most people spend considerably less time washing wheels. It is important to keep your wheels clean because, over time, the dirt and grime will accumulate, causing your car wheels to deteriorate at a much faster rate. Today, we will be sharing the step-by-step process of how to clean your car wheels.

Step-By-Step Process: The Best Way To Get Your Wheels Clean

Step 1: Gather the right materials

Before you begin cleaning your car wheels, it is important to gather all of the materials you will need. This includes a garden hose, a wheel cleaner, a soft-bristled cleaning brush, microfiber towels, and an anti-filth protective coating. In general, the best car wheel cleaner is usually biodegradable and ranges anywhere from $8-$20. The cleaner you choose should come with clear directions on how to use it. When looking for brushes, it is crucial that you find one made specifically for wheels and tires. Typically, soft-bristled brushes are best.


The Best Way To Get Your Wheels Clean

Step 2: Hose down your wheels

After you have all of the correct materials gathered, grab your garden hose and rinse down your wheels with water. Make sure it has a powerful stream in order to force some of the loose filth out from the rims. The more you remove now, the easier it will be to finish the wheel-cleaning process.

Step 3: Apply wheel cleaner

Next, to clean car wheels, apply a wheel cleaner by working on one wheel at a time. Make sure you follow the product’s specific instructions for proper use. If possible, avoid acid-based cleaners, as these are much harder on the wheels and run the risk of causing damage.


The Best Way To Get Your Wheels Clean

Step 4: Scrub with a soft-bristled brush

A soft-bristled brush made specifically for car wheels is the best option for cleaning. A normal sponge is not able to scrape off all the dirt and grease that has accumulated on your wheels. Plus, a hard-bristled brush could potentially scratch the rims. The brush will help to loosen any remaining grime and brake dust and dirt. Make sure to use a brush that is long enough to reach inside all the crevices.

Step 5: Rinse and dry

Fifth, wash the cleaning solution away with the garden hose. It is important to wash away any residue. Next, dry each wheel with a clean, microfiber towel by patting. You may have to use several towels to accomplish this step.

Apply a protective layer

Finally, to finish cleaning your wheels, apply a protective coating in order to protect your wheels from dirt. This will help you save time during your next cleaning session!

End Note

And there you have it- the best way to get your wheels clean! Dirty car wheels are inevitable, but there is always a way to keep them looking nice and clean. At Rocket Carwash, we offer many different types of wash features, including our Rocket Wheel Bright to extend the life of your tires and remove grime, brake dust, and more!

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When Is It A Bad Idea To Go Through A Carwash?

Have you ever asked yourself ” is this a bad idea to go through a carwash?” Then, no worries! This blog is just for you.

Most car owners prefer drive-thru carwashes to clean their vehicles because they are a fast and easy way to treat a vehicle to a wash. Automatic carwashes, like Rocket Carwash, use some of the best technology and equipment, making this the best option for cleaning your car!

However, when is it a bad idea to go through a carwash? Today, we are evaluating 4 situations when you should not go through a carwash.

When you might be questioning if it is a bad idea to go through a carwash:


When Is It A Bad Idea To Go Through A Carwash? Soft Top CarCan a soft top go through a carwash?

Technically, yes, a soft top convertible could go through a carwash, but with some risks. The soft top of these cars may not be able to withstand the water pressure inside the carwash tunnel. Plus, the brushes and bristles could potentially damage the canvas roof. If you have a soft top convertible, we recommend that you handwash your soft top in order to guarantee a damage-free clean!




Can I get a carwash with a cracked windshield?

When Is It A Bad Idea To Go Through A Carwash? Cracked wYou can get a carwash with a cracked windshield, but it depends on the severity of the crack. In general, if there is a crack in your windshield, we recommend that you avoid the carwash to minimize damage. While it is very unlikely that water will seep through, it is possible that the water pressure will cause the initial crack to become spread. Additionally, if a rock that is hiding within the bristles of the brushes happens to come into contact with the cracked windshield, the overall damage could worsen. If your car is dirty and needs a good cleaning, try handwashing instead.



Can a bike rack go through a carwash?

When Is It A Bad Idea To Go Through A Carwash? Bike RackBike racks are great accessories that allow travelers to transport bikes safely by car. However, is it safe to take a bike rack through a carwash? Generally, no. There is too much of a risk when it comes to taking a bike rack through the wash–both to the rack itself and the vehicle. The carwash equipment could tangle into the rack and risk the potential for harm to the carwash and even the vehicle behind you. To avoid these risks altogether, remove your bike rack before heading to the carwash.




Can I take my car through the wash if I just had it painted?

When Is It A Bad Idea To Go Through A Carwash? Fresh PaintIf you just had your car painted, you cannot take it through the wash. Mild cleaning materials are safe for newly painted surfaces, but if you just had your car painted, an automatic carwash would damage your car’s exterior. Handwashing is an okay alternative, but be cautious. Most body shops recommend waiting around 30 days to let the pain cure before taking the vehicle through the wash.



End Note

If your car is in good condition, does not have accessories attached, but has collected its fair share of dust, dirt, and grime, then it is a good idea to go through a carwash! It is important to maintain a fresh look, and Rocket Carwash can help you achieve that!

We are committed to providing you with a wash experience that has some of the best technology and equipment available! From our easy-to-use belt systems and double-tunnel experiences, you can guarantee that your car will be kept in the best shape possible! To learn more about Rocket Carwash’s services, visit our website at https://rocketcarwash.com/wash-features/

A Complete History of the Car Wash Industry

History of the Car Wash Industry

Car wash technology has undergone a lot of changes in order to become what it is today. While fully-automated carwashes seem commonplace these days, this type of technology wasn’t even dreamt of a hundred years ago. Today we are going to drive into a complete history of the car wash industry.


The First Car Wash: 1914

A Complete History of the Car Wash Industry: The First Car Wash 1914

Photo courtesy of The Car Wash Advisory

The history of the car wash industry begins in 1914, just a few short years after Ford’s Model T made its debut. There is some debate about where the first carwash originated, but most claims it was in Detroit, Michigan by Frank McCormick and J.W. Hinkle. In their early years, most car washes consisted of workers pushing cars through an assembly line-like tunnel, where each worker had a designated task. Thes tasks included applying soap, rinsing the car, or drying it. This type of process went on for at least 20 years before any sort of automation was introduced.


Semi-Automation: 1940s

A Complete History of the Car Wash Industry: Semi Automation in the 1940's

Photo courtesy of The Car Wash Advisory

The next part of car wash history happened in the 1940s when automation was introduced in stages. The first “automatic” carwash opened in Hollywood, California in 1940. This carwash used a conveyor system to pull vehicles along the wash tunnel, but attendants still had to manually scrub and dry the cars.


In 1946, Thomas Simpson opened a carwash that used this same conveyor system but added an overhead sprinkler that would wet down the vehicle. Despite these advances, workers still had to do the bulk of the work.


Complete Automation: 1950s

It wasn’t until the 1950s came along that the carwash industry saw real progress with automation. In 1951, brothers, Archie, Dean and Eldon Anderson added soap and water nozzles, automated brushes, and an automatic dryer to their carwash in Seattle, Washington. 


Furthermore, Dan Hanna, who opened his first carwash, Rub-a-Dub, in Milwaukie, Oregon in 1955, had a major impact on the carwash industry. Hanna eventually opened 31 carwash locations, which led to the creation of Hanna Enterprises. With this big business growth, Hanna recognized the need for more efficient carwash equipment. In 1959, he started installing his equipment into other people’s washes, and by the mid-60s, Hanna Enterprises was the largest carwash equipment manufacturer in the world.


Flex-Serve Car Wash: 1980s

Back window cleaning at Omaha Rocket Carwash


Moving forward in history, the carwash industry started to become more flexible. With more carwashes available, people were more particular about how they wanted their cars cleaned. Thus, the Flex-Serve Car Wash was introduced by a man named Steve Okun. This concept worked by setting up two different cells at the exit of a carwash. One cell was full-service, and the other was express detail. Okun capitalized on these different options, giving people the chance to have more control over their vehicles.


First Modern, Automated Car Wash: 2001

The history of the car wash industry continued on in 2001 when Ben Alford opened the first modern-day, automated express carwash. This model included automated pay terminals and gates. This way, customers were able to pull up to the terminal and purchase a car wash, the gate would rise, and the car could enter the tunnel. An attendant was only needed in order to guide the driver onto the conveyor. 


Looking to the Future

Rocket Carwash processed


There is absolutely no question that the carwash industry has evolved and changed over the years in both efficiency of equipment and quality of service. The modern carwash’s early counterparts had loud conveyors, claustrophobic tunnels, and dryers that did not blow off as much water as they do now.

In recent years, new car wash technology has mainly focused on making the entire wash process easier for the customer. For example, Rocket Carwash has tons of wash features to make cleaning your vehicle hassle-free! To check out our services, visit https://rocketcarwash.com/wash-features/.

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The Best Way to Clean Your Car Mats

Learning how to clean your car mats is essential to car maintenance. Every time someone steps into your vehicle, they likely bring a small trail of dirt, gravel, mud, and/or sand with them. All of this debris gets on your car mats. That being said, it is extremely important to know how to effectively clean car mats, whether they are cloth or rubber! 

If there is a noticeable mess, you should wash your mats as quickly as possible. Otherwise, a quick monthly cleaning will suffice. Today, we are sharing some tips on the best way to clean your car mats and keep your car looking fresh! 


Before You Clean Your Car Mats

When you begin to clean your car mats, it is most effective to remove them from the car completely! It is a lot easier to tackle the dirt and stains outside of the vehicle. While the mats are out, we recommend giving your car a good vacuuming.


How to Clean Cloth Car Mats

Cloth car mats are typically made from nylon fibers and are coated with water-resistant backing. Available in various levels of plushness and thicknesses, cloth car mats can come in many different forms. It is important to deep clean your car mats, especially the cloth ones, because to may have built up dirt, food debris, bacteria, or more within the fabric. 

How To Clean Your Car Mats - Carpet Floor Mats

1. Shake and Vacuum

  • First, you will need to give your car mats a good shake. This will help them get rid of as much loose dirt and debris as possible before cleaning. 
  • After shaking each mat, lay them flat on the ground. Vacuum each mat well, while being sure to get both sides. 


2. Add Baking Soda + Water

  • We recommend taking baking soda and rubbing it into the upholstery to remove any stains and unpleasant odors that may be present. You can also mix some baking soda with water in order to better clean the mat. Take a stiff brush to scrub/scrape off all the dirt and grime.


3. Use Soap

  • After applying baking soda and scrubbing, you should use a soapy substance in order to clean car mats thoroughly. There are several different ways in which you can do this.
  • One way is by using a spray cleaner. Do this by spraying carpet cleaner onto each mat and let them sit for at least 30 minutes. This allows the mats to absorb the cleaner. Then, use a brush to work the cleaner through them. 
  • Another way to achieve a clean car mat is by using Rocket Carwash’s Hot Water Mat Machine. Our machine effectively cleans and dries both rubber and carpet car mats within just 30 seconds! This will save you both time and the hassle of cleaning and scrubbing your own car mats!


4. Vacuum Again

  • Vacuuming again will suck up some of the remaining water and dirt particles. 


5. Dry Mats Thoroughly

  • Finally, hang your clean mats to dry, or put them in the dryer. Do not put them back into your car until they are completely dry, otherwise, they’ll leave a damp smell. 


How to Clean Rubber Car Mats

Luckily, washing rubber car mats is not as involved as cloth. These car mats are more common in areas with colder climates where it rains and snows more frequently. Rubber mats prevent moisture from damaging different parts of the car’s interior, but they still collect dust, dirt, and debris over time.

How To Clean Your Car Mats - Rubber Floor Mats

1. Shake and Whack

  • To start, be sure to give your rubber makes a good shake. We recommend even whacking them against the ground or another hard surface. If there are materials that continue to stick, you may want to try a scraper to remove them.


2. Rinse  with a Hose

  • Next, use a hose to rinse the mats to dislodge any loose debris.


3. Wash with Soap

  • Using a rag and spray, add some soap to the mats. The dirt and grime should come off pretty easily, but wipes or a baking soda mixture can work too.


4. Hose Off

  • Rinse off the soap with water.


5. Dry the Mats

  • At this point, you can hang the mats to dry over a railing, wire, or another item in order to air dry. Do not put the mats back into the car until they are fully dry.


End Note:

Whether you need to clean your car mats or detail your car Rocket Car Wash has you covered! Here at Rocket Car Wash, we use some of the best technology and equipment to treat your vehicle to a wash unlike any other! When you sign up to be an unlimited member, you’ll get access to things like our state-of-the-art mat machine, glass cleaner, towels, and all-purpose cleaner–just for being a member! 

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4 Tips To Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Do you want to keep your car looking brand new? Then look no further! Here are 4 tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. 


Why You Should Keep Your Car Looking Brand New! 

Cars can decrease in value quickly, so it is important to maintain a new fresh look! Therefore it is important to keep your car looking brand new can help your car maintain its value.  Keeping your car clean is not a difficult chore and it can pay off!

CarAdvise explains this perfectly by saying, “ A poorly maintained vehicle instantly loses value and makes it difficult for you to negotiate a higher price.“


Tip #1 Be mindful Of Where You Park!

Parking under trees or places where there may be shade will keep your car cool, but it comes with the risk of damage from the animals hanging around. Bird poop can deteriorate your car’s paint and finish! Instead, try parking in open spaces without trees or anything overhead, keep a detail spray and microfiber cloth in the car and remove bird poop quickly to prevent lasting damage. 

Keep You Car Looking Brand New: No More Bird Poop

Tip #2 Wash Your Car Regularly 

Getting regular car washes helps maintain the exterior of your car. By getting regular professional car washes, like the ones at Rocket Car Wash, you are maintaining the exterior of the car. Professional car washes help prevent scratches and damage to your car from dirt and grime. 

 Keep You Car Looking Brand New: Wash Car Regularly

Tip #3 Wax Your Car Consistently 

Another amazing way to keep your car looking brand new is to make sure you are waxing your car. Waxing your car offers many benefits including, giving your car that fresh new look, protecting it from scratches and exposure to deteriorating materials, and keeping your car cleaner longer. 

Keep You Car Looking Brand New: Wax Your Car

Tip #4 Care For Your Interior

It is so very important to take care of the inside of your car. Keeping the interior clean is just as important as the exterior in helping save your car’s value in the long run. You can do this by vacuuming your seats and carpet regularly and wiping down the surfaces with the car to prevent damage from corrosive materials. You can also clean the upholstery, or make sure you are taking care of your leather. 

 Keep You Car Looking Brand New: Care For Your Interior

End Note: 

All in all, keeping your car looking brand new will only help you down the road. Implementing these small tasks could save you or make you money on your next vehicle purchase. 

For all your professional car services, please visit Rocket Car Wash! We offer everything from tire shine to hot wax. Schedule your Rocket Car Wash appointment today!

What Are The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

Understanding the ins and outs of an automatic car wash can be extremely helpful to those who care about the maintenance of their cars. Automatic carwashes, also known as touchless carwashes, offer tons of advantages and make them worthwhile to visit. 

How do automatic car washes work? 

When you drive up to an automatic carwash, most times there will be an assistant guiding you to put your front wheel in the correct position on a track. Afterward, the car wash tech or there will be bright flashing lights, telling you that you will need to put your car into neutral and take your foot off the brake. From there, your car will glide through the automatic car wash. 

As your car is going through the car wash, the car wash “robots” will start by spraying your car with water to rinse off all the dirt and grime. Then, it will spray cleaning agents and scrub with some type of large brush. As you can see pictured below. 

The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

Depending on the type of car wash you purchased, you will receive extra cleaning agents, special foam, or liquid wax. After this process, your car will be pushed through air dryers and then the exit. 

What are the benefits of using an automatic carwash?

Even though using an automatic car wash can be intimidating, there are benefits to it. One of the biggest reasons why consumers love automatic car washing is the efficiency of the process. Drive-thru car washes are a quick way to get a nice clean without having to take an afternoon to wash your car by hand.

From a technical standpoint, touchless car washes are known to protect the paint from scratches, wash the exterior thoroughly, and reduce the potential for damage to external car parts. By hand washing your car, you could be causing more damage to the exterior of your car without even noticing it. 

The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

End Note:

All in all, understanding the ins and outs of an automatic carwash will benefit you as a car owner! Get a cleaner clean at Rocket Carwash where we’re using the best-in-class cleaning materials, systems, and more! Click here to learn more. 


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