4 Car Care Tips For Fall

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Fall is fast approaching, and now is the ideal time to check on your car’s well-being. 

With temperature dropping, moisture increasing, and the added challenge of falling leaves potentially obstructing your view, ensuring your vehicle is in top shape for the season ahead is essential! Keep reading to learn our 4 car care tips for fall!


1. Check all Fluids

filling windshield washer fluid at Omaha Rocket Carwash

Different fluids in the car play a vital role in maintaining its overall condition. Start by examining the engine’s oil. You can get an oil change at your local auto shop or you can do it on your own. They help keep your engine cool and clean from damaging contaminants.


Next, ensure the coolant is at optimum level. Coolants manage engine temperature so that it doesn’t freeze in the colder months or overheat in hotter seasons. Add the coolant to your coolant reservoir which is near the radiator on the hood.


Remember that roads in the fall tend to get wetter and slippier. Therefore, ensuring your brakes are in top shape will help you get the safety you need this fall. Check the brake fluids. It’ll help maintain a solid grip on your brakes! 


Just like the coolant, you will find the reservoir in the hood of your car, take the cap off, fill to the line, and add the cap back on. Check your car manual if you are not sure exactly where it is.


2. Inspect the Tires 

The Best Way To Get Your Wheels Clean

Inspecting the tires is second on our list of car care tips for fall. Tires are no doubt one of the most important features for safe driving. And since it will be a wetter month, it’s essential you have your tire condition all sorted out for better traction. The cool weather can affect your tire in many ways, such as decreased tire pressure. 


Check the tire pressure and inspect its condition from the outside. Take a closer look at the depth of the tread. If you notice any tread chunking, cupping, or feathering, have a good look at it because you may have a bad tire.


Your Tires will benefit tremendously from a clean from Rocket Car Wash. There is a wash feature called “Rocket Wheel Bright” and “Rocket Tire Shine” that will not only get rid of dirt and grime but also leave your tires aesthetically shiny.


3. Check the Windshield Wipers 

looking out of the windshield in the rain. This car needs a Rocket Carwash

As fall approaches, you can count on using your windshield wipers more frequently. The season is known for falling leaves and the debris they bring along, leaving your windshield wet and obstructed. That’s precisely why you need a good-working windshield wiper in the fall.


Another car part added to our car care tips for fall is windshield wipers. Have the blades checked and ensure the washer fluid is refilled so you can cruise through autumn safely and soak in the beautiful view! If your windshield wipers are not wiping off your windshield well or they leave white streaks, it may be time to replace your wipers.


4. Get a Car Wash 

Rocket Carwash Omaha

Taking care of your car involves more than just mechanical check-ups. It’s also about keeping it looking pristine on the outside! Who doesn’t want to be driving a gleaming and brand-new-looking car?


Last on our list of car care tips for fall is getting a car wash! Drive your beloved vehicle to the carwash to clean it from the summer grime and have it all ready to embrace the fall season. It can also help protect you and your car from future damage. 


Explore our wide range of car wash services designed to pamper every type of vehicle.


End Note

Caring for your car is a year-round affair. However, each season brings its own set of challenges.

Fall is when the temperature starts to drop, and leaves begin to fall. It’s also the season before winter, so it’s the ideal time to prepare your car for the cooler months ahead!

Regularly inspect your car inside and out, and don’t underestimate the power of a good wash! Keeping your car clean is more than about aesthetics–it’s about protecting your vehicle, like its body and paint, from damage. 

Make sure to stop by one of our Rocket Carwash locations to get your car back in tip-top shape!


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