Have you ever wondered just how often you should be washing your car? What magic length of time should go by before getting your next carwash?
For most of us, we think that our next carwash should happen after an event like driving through mud or when salt builds up over winter. What most people do not realize is that just like changing your oil or getting your tires adjusted, washing your car is essential to the everyday maintenance of your vehicle.

Washing Your Car

Overall, when answering the question, “How often should you wash your car?” experts say that you should wash your car roughly on a biweekly basis. But of course, this is dependent on many different factors such as where you live, what pollutants are in your environment, and what you put your car through on a daily. If you are riding muddy roads to work every day or park your car outside of a garage then you may need to wash your car more often.

Why it is important to wash your car:

Most people underestimate the importance of washing their car. Some believe that it is just a cosmetic preference, but when in reality it can do some damage.

Leaving debris (such as dirt, bird droppings, salt, and grime) on your car can damage the finish and paint on the car. If untreated over time, this could lead to rust, pitting, and a huge decrease in monetary value. No matter, if you are trading in a new car or an old car, trade-in value, will plummet without the proper care of your car.

Additional Care Maintenance:

When it comes to caring for your car, it will always benefit you to go the extra mile. Some other things you can do to protect the longevity of your vehicle include waxing, washing your undercarriage, cleaning your wheels, and detailing the inside of your car.

Washing Your Car

End Note:

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