Rocket Car Wash fundraising Fundraising Add value to your program when you partner with Rocket!

Fundraising Program

If you’re looking for maximum profits with minimum effort, Rocket Carwash makes it easier than ever. Non-profit organizations, schools, athletic teams, service clubs, churches and youth groups are all eligible to sell Rocket Carwash digital wash codes. Best of all, your group will keep 60% of the proceeds!

Fundraise with Rocket Carwash!


Easy & Fast

Get started on raising money now – don't wait another moment!


Let Rocket Carwash take care of the hard work so your team can focus on community engagement and raising money

Make Money

Your group will keep 60% of the proceeds raised!


How It Works

Our Rocket Carwash team creates a custom webpage for your fundraiser, where your supporters can purchase our Rocket Wash (Valued up to $23.99) for $10.00 per wash. The washes are redeemable at all Rocket Carwash locations and don't expire for 12 months. Rocket will provide customizable marketing materials, a communication template, a custom website and digital platform to make fundraising as easy as a click of a button. At the end of the sale period, your group will receive 60% of the price of each wash sold ($6.00).


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