What Is Car Detailing?

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Car detailing is the magic that everyone needs. Everyone wants the new car feeling all the time, but sometimes it can feel unattainable when the car gets worn down and the polish fades. One way to regain the excitement of seeing your car is to get it detailed. Many people believe that getting your car detailed is reserved only for those who live in luxury, but it doesn’t need to be!

Keep reading to learn more about what car detailing is and why it is so important! 


Car going through a car washWhat is Car Detailing? 

When someone goes to get their car professionally detailed, there are going to get their car cleaned and restored back to its like-new condition. Car detailing is most often done by professionals who have the experience, materials, and techniques to transform a vehicle. Most car detailing programs are broken into three different categories interior, exterior, and additional detailing. 

Interior detailing is pretty much as it sounds- being able to clean the inside of your car. When getting your car’s interior detailed  With rocket Carwash you will receive the works! Our Rocket Full-Service Carwash includes: a full vehicle vacuum, cleaning the dash, door jams, and floormats!

When getting your exterior detailed, there are a million different services that can be offered. The most basic and fundamental exterior detailing services are washing & drying, polishing, and waxing. 

At Rocket Car Wash we go above and beyond by adding additional services to make sure our customers are getting the best quality of the wash. These services include undercarriage washing, adding a protectant to your top coat of paint, and tire & wheel shine. 

Why is it important to detail your car? 

Other than it feeling amazing, detailing your car can be very helpful for a multitude of reasons. Many people do not realize that car detailing can actually extend the life of the vehicle. By keeping the car nicer for longer,  it ensures that you get the maximum back on it when you are ready to sell. 

Car detailing can also help from your car rusting, rotting, or constantly needing maintenance, so therefore it is saving you money in the long run. By keeping up on your car cleanliness you are also eliminating exposure to dangerous dust and particles. In other words, keep your clean and detailed and it will pay off in the long run! 


At Rocket Carwash, we’re committed to providing an industry-leading wash experience to support our customers, their cars and our communities. Our washes use some of the best technology and equipment to treat your vehicle to a wash unlike any other – from our easy-to-use belt systems to our double-tunnel experiences and from the quality of our cleaning products to the number of brushes that gently clean your car on every visit. 

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