3 Reasons For Washing Your Car This Spring

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Finally, the sun is starting to shine and flowers are beginning to make their debut for the season. Spring is here! With the warmer weather, however, comes a few challenges for car owners. From cleaning off the leftover winter dirt to repelling the spring showers, there are plenty of reasons why you need to stay on top of your carwashing habits in the spring. Today, we will be listing the top 3 reasons for washing your car this spring!

Reasons For Washing Your Car This Spring

1. Get rid of that winter salt build-up.

Reasons For Washing Your Car This Spring: Get Rid of Salt

During the winter months, road salt and grime can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s undercarriage. As a result, corrosion takes place, and rust forms over time to cause damage to your mufflers, exhaust systems, subframes, and breaks. Now that it is spring, make sure to take care of that salt build-up by washing your vehicle on a regular basis. Weekly car washes with an underbody flush service will help to loosen up the salt and grime that accumulates underneath your car. To learn more about how salt can be damaging to your car, please check out our web story here!  

2. Keep your car clear of spring pollen.

Reasons For Washing Your Car This Spring: Get Rid of Pollen

The second reason why you should wash your car this spring is pollen. Pollen is constantly falling in the springtime and cars just seem like pollen magnets! To keep up with pollen, you have to be diligent with washing your car frequently. Dirty or cloudy windows can also make it more difficult to see which could put you in danger of an accident. Luckily, Rocket Carwash has the high-quality equipment and products to wash away all of the spring pollen away!


3. Repel the spring showers.

Reasons For Washing Your Car This Spring

While rain may not seem like something to worry about after the snowy, winter weather, it can still impede your vision if not washed off properly. That brings us to the third reason why you should wash your car in spring—rain. Rainwater often leaves behind water spots, which are white spots left by hard, mineral-filled water. The longer you wait to get rid of water spots, the more difficult they become to wash off. This is why it is imperative that you frequently wash your vehicle. We also suggest using a high-end rain repellent to take it a step further! Click here to learn more about why rain is not a substitute for a carwash.


End Note

While these 3 things are important to keep in mind, they are not the only reasons why you should be washing your car in spring. Things like bird droppings and increased value to your vehicle are other reasons to stay on top of your car-washing habits. Make sure to stop by your closest Rocket Carwash location to get your car back in tip-top shape! There is truly nothing better than having a sparkling clean car to admire in the spring sunshine.

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