How To Keep Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

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Keep Your Car Dog Hair-Free

There’s nothing better than bringing your best buddy along for the car ride. Chances are, “wanna go for a ride?” is one of your dog’s favorite things to hear. We adore our pets, and we want them by our side everywhere we go, but sometimes, bringing your furry friend along means leaving behind a mess in your vehicle. Luckily, we’ve gathered some practical steps on how you can prevent and clean dog hair out of your car.

How to prevent dog hair in the car

1. Give your dog a thorough brushing

Before even letting your dog into the car, make sure to thoroughly brush him before he runs to the car. Using tools and products like a shedding brush or de-shedding shampoos can keep your dog’s unwanted hair from entering your vehicle in the first place.

Less loose hair on your dog means you are less likely to have the fur clinging to your seats later. This is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your car hair-free!

Pet owner brushing dog

2. Use car seat covers

Second, to get dog hair out of your car, we highly recommend using seat covers. Cargo covers are designed specifically for the back cargo area in minivans and SUVs. Their design fits snugly against the back of the seat and the floor, keeping all areas dog-hair free. The best part about pet car seat covers is that you can easily remove them and clean them after travel.

This eliminates the struggle of trying to clean the car seats later. Before committing to a seat cover, be sure to measure your backseat area to ensure you purchase one that fits securely. 

An alternative option is by using old blankets, towels, or sheets to serve the same purpose. While they do help to combat the amount of dog hair, these will not work as effectively as a real seat cover. 

Dog Sits on Car Seat Covers To Prevent Dog Hair


3. Keep your dog in one area of the car

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, however, can really help to get rid of dog hair in your car. By keeping your dog in one area of the car, you are eliminating the chances of hair spreading to multiple areas. For a smaller dog, for example, consider using a pet crate or restraint to keep your pooch safe and from moving from place to place. For a larger dog, it might be smart to keep them in the boot, limiting how much fur will get to the seats. By confining your dog to one area, you will have a much easier cleanup later.


How to clean dog hair from your car interior and carpets

1. Use a lint roller

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent every piece of dog fur from accumulating on your car seats, even while following the above tips. We suggest using a lint roller to start collecting some of that loose hair. 

2. Use rubber gloves

Another trick that we recommend is using a rubber glove. Gather some routine, rubber cleaning gloves and sweep your hands over the car’s surfaces and upholstery. Make sure to only sweep your gloves in one direction, never back and forth. If this is not working, consider lightly wetting your gloves. The loose hair should stick to the surface of the glove or form larger clumps, which are easier to remove.

3. Regularly clean and vacuum your car

man vaccuming his car with a dewalt vacuumOur third tip to remove dog hair from your car is to regularly clean and vacuum! Routinely vacuuming your car will not only remove dog hair, but also dust, dirt, and debris. Use a soft brush head to get inside all of the creases of the seat, then, use a crevice tool to clean all the hard-to-reach areas. You never know where that dog hair might be hiding!


End Note:

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