What Are The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

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The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

Understanding the ins and outs of an automatic car wash can be extremely helpful to those who care about the maintenance of their cars. Automatic carwashes, also known as touchless carwashes, offer tons of advantages and make them worthwhile to visit. 

How do automatic car washes work? 

When you drive up to an automatic carwash, most times there will be an assistant guiding you to put your front wheel in the correct position on a track. Afterward, the car wash tech or there will be bright flashing lights, telling you that you will need to put your car into neutral and take your foot off the brake. From there, your car will glide through the automatic car wash. 

As your car is going through the car wash, the car wash “robots” will start by spraying your car with water to rinse off all the dirt and grime. Then, it will spray cleaning agents and scrub with some type of large brush. As you can see pictured below. 

The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

Depending on the type of car wash you purchased, you will receive extra cleaning agents, special foam, or liquid wax. After this process, your car will be pushed through air dryers and then the exit. 

What are the benefits of using an automatic carwash?

Even though using an automatic car wash can be intimidating, there are benefits to it. One of the biggest reasons why consumers love automatic car washing is the efficiency of the process. Drive-thru car washes are a quick way to get a nice clean without having to take an afternoon to wash your car by hand.

From a technical standpoint, touchless car washes are known to protect the paint from scratches, wash the exterior thoroughly, and reduce the potential for damage to external car parts. By hand washing your car, you could be causing more damage to the exterior of your car without even noticing it. 

The Ins and Outs Of An Automatic Car Wash

End Note:

All in all, understanding the ins and outs of an automatic carwash will benefit you as a car owner! Get a cleaner clean at Rocket Carwash where we’re using the best-in-class cleaning materials, systems, and more! Click here to learn more.