How To Clean and Protect Your Car From Bugs

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Bugs can be very annoying and damaging to your car. Did you know that you can clean and protect your car from bugs? We have some tricks you can use to prevent those pesky bugs from sticking to the front of your car.


How Bugs Can Damage Your Car

You might be wondering why even try to prevent your car from bugs. They are unavoidable, especially in the spring and summer seasons. The reason you should protect and clean your car from bugs is because they can cause damage to the paint and the top coat of your car.

Most bug splatter is acidic; if left on your car, even for a week, it can cause paint damage. Then add the heat into the mix and it is a perfect storm for damage for top coat and paint damage. 

Also, bugs can stick to your windshield and your headlights. This can be quite a hazard to drivers. Luckily, there are proactive solutions to your bug problems.


How To Protect Your Car From Bugs 

1. Wax Your Car

Wax is one of the best ways to protect your car from bugs. Hot wax can make cleaning a breeze because it builds a barrier between the outdoor elements and the paint. It is crucial that you get all of that bug splatter and dirt off your car before adding the wax.

Rocket Carwash has a fantastic hot wax service that can take the hassle off your plate and leave you with a shiny and protected vehicle. 


2. Use A Bug Screen Cover

You have seen bug screens used for windows and doors, but did you know there are bug screens for your cars too? You can use screen covers to prevent those bugs from sticking to the front of your car. They can be attached for those long trips or taken off if you want to remove them anytime.

3. Clean Your Car Often

Another way to clean and protect your car from bugs is to wash your car frequently. It is a good idea to wash your car after a long trip or after days of blistering heat. That heat will make that bug splatter worse for the paint on your car.

Avoid this problem by being proactive every two weeks or so. This will prevent buildup and damage to your car’s surface.

Effective Bug Cleaning Techniques

How To Clean and Protect Your Car From Bugs- cleaning solution1. Prepare A Cleaning Solution

Use a mild detergent or a specialized bug remover to get rid of those pesky bugs. It can be as simple as taking a spray bottle of water and adding a few drops of dish detergent.

Or if you decide to purchase a cleaner, dilute the solution according to product instructions.


2. Have A Gentle And Thorough Cleaning Process

Make sure to soak the affected areas with your cleaning solution. This will let the solution work its magic and clean the area effectively.

Furthermore, stay away from abrasive towels and scrubbers. Use a soft microfiber cloth or sponge to scrub off bug residue gently.


3. Pay Attention To Detail

Sometimes it is easy to neglect those hard-to-reach places like the grille. Get into the crevices to ensure a clean and protected car.

It is also important to clean your car thoroughly. Have you ever seen white streaks on your car after washing? That happens because the solution was not rinsed off all the way. Next time you decide to wash your car, remember to avoid those white streaks or water spots.

Benefits Of Professional Car Wash Services For Bug Removal

Another way to protect and clean your car from bugs is to seek a professional car washing service. They specialize in effective car cleaning and have the equipment for bug removal.

It can bring a ton of ease knowing that you are leaving it up to professionals. They have the expertise in safely and efficiently cleaning cars. Rocket Car Wash has the professionalism and expertise to protect and clean your car from bugs.

They will remove the hassle of cleaning your car and prevent those bugs from getting a ride on your front bumper. Have the professionals take over to have a hassle-free cleaning experience!

Rocket Carwash has various services and features that protect and effectively clean your car. Rocket Carwash provides memberships to its clients that will create a tremendous experience for its customers.


End Note:

To conclude, there are protective measures, cleaning techniques, and professional car washing services that can protect and clean your car from bugs. Your car’s shine and cleanliness will not go unnoticed!

After taking the time to prioritize car cleanliness, you will notice a difference in the longevity of your car’s paint. It will feel like you bought a new car every time you wash all the gunk off your car.

If you want more tips and tricks on car cleanliness, Rocket CarWash has various blogs you can check out here.

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