5 Tips For A Successful Car Wash Fundraiser

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With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to organize a car wash fundraiser to raise money for your team, school, or another charitable organization. Car wash fundraisers are a great way to gather people together on a sunny day to support a good cause. With the right planning and organization, you can have a successful fundraiser in no time at all! In this blog, we will be outlining 5 tips on how to create your own successful car wash fundraiser.

Tip 1: Set Clear Goals and Plan Accordingly

When it comes to setting up a car wash fundraiser, it is important to define and set specific goals to be accomplished. How much money are you looking to raise for your cause? Who is going to be in charge of each part of the car wash, and how will they achieve success? What is the process going to look like? These are all good questions to ask yourself when planning your fundraiser to help you run the event smoothly and obtain success.


Tip 2: Select an Ideal Location

Location is everything when you are planning a car wash fundraiser. Pick a location that has a large enough space to accommodate both people and vehicles, is easily accessible from the main road, and is a high-traffic area. The more people that are driving by, the more likely your fundraiser is to be successful. Remember to double-check with the parking lot and property owner about using their parking lot. Also, even though it may seem obvious, be sure to confirm that the location has access to water, too. 

Group of kids washing a black sedan car

Tip 3:Gather Volunteers and Assign Responsibilities

If you are working with a sports team, local youth group, or boy scouts troop, you may not have to spend much time gathering volunteers. If not, reach out to local schools, clubs, and organizations to assemble enthusiastic and friendly volunteers. Before the event, make sure to assign volunteers to specific duties so that the fundraiser runs smoothly. 


Tip 4: Promote the Fundraiser Effectively

Our fourth tip for running a successful car wash fundraiser is to promote it effectively. To attract participants and donors ahead of time, it is crucial to advertise and promote the event through flyers, social media platforms, local community networks, and other forms of media. Create fun and inviting flyers and content that highlight the reason behind your fundraiser and how the money will be used for a good cause.


Tip 5: Partner with Rocket Carwash

Our last tip is to partner with us to maximize your money with minimum effort! We partner with non-profit organizations, schools, athletic teams, service clubs, churches, and youth groups to sell Rocket Carwash digital wash codes. Best of all, your group keeps 60% of all the proceeds! We will create a unique website just for your fundraiser where your supporters can purchase our best Rocket wash at a rate of $10 per wash. You will even be able to track your sales in real-time!


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 Remember, our five tips for a successful car wash fundraiser are:

      1. Set clear goals and plan accordingly.
      2. Select an ideal location.
      3. Gather volunteers and assign responsibilities.
      4. Promote the fundraiser effectively.
      5. Partner with Rocket Carwash.

If you implement these tips into your next car wash fundraiser, you will be well on your way to maximizing success! Bonus Tip: Always remember to work as a team to raise money in support of your cause. 

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