5 Top Tips for Protecting Your Car Mats This Winter

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Protecting Your Car Mats

Do you ever hop in your car and wonder how dirt magically appeared on the mats below your feet? Well, every time someone steps into your vehicle, they likely bring dirt, gravel, and mud with them. Car mats work to protect the car’s interior floor from all of this grime!

When we add the winter season into the mix, keeping your car mats clean become even more important. Along with the typical dirt and mud, things like salt, snow, and slush can accumulate, making your mats harder to clean if left for a long time. Luckily, we have some great tips to help you when protecting your car mats this winter!

Tip 1: Upgrade to Winter Car Mats

Protecting Your Car Mats : Upgrade To Winter Mats

The first tip for protecting your car mats this winter is to invest in winter-specific mats. When the harsh weather hits, it is easier to keep your floors clean with a car mat that has some extra protection. Winter mats are typically made of a thicker material and often have a lip around the edge. This traps any melting snow, water, dirt, or salt from making its way to the car floor. It is important to keep moisture and any salt away from your floor to prevent possible rust later.

Tip 2: Clean Car Mats Regularly

Regularly cleaning your car mats is something we recommend you get in the habit of doing, no matter what season it may be. If there is a noticeable mess, you should wash the mats as soon as you can, otherwise, a monthly cleaning will do. Like we stated in the first tip, if moisture is trapped underneath the mats, this could lead to rusting problems later on! Our best advice, follow these best practices for cleaning your car mats: https://rocketcarwash.com/the-best-way-to-clean-your-car-mats/


Tip 3: Use Rubber Mats

Protecting Your Car Mats : Use Rubber Mats
Unlike cloth mats, rubber mats are much better at preventing moisture from damaging your car’s interior. Rubber mats are especially useful in colder climates because they effectively stop rain and snow from seeping into the floor. Rubber mats are also much more durable than their cloth counterparts and easier to clean.


Tip 4: Use a Mat Liner

Unlike car mats, liners are traditionally custom-made. This means the liner would fit perfectly along each contour and crevice of the vehicle’s floor. While they may be a little more expensive than traditional car mats, car liners offer plenty of benefits in the winter. For one, you do not have to worry about water, mud, or snow slipping in between the cracks and ruining the floor. The bottom of liners have small spikes to cling to the floor, so they won’t slide around under your feet.


Tip 5: Go Unlimited at Rocket Car Wash

Protecting Your Car Mats : Go Unlimited

The last tip we have for protecting your car mats is to go Unlimited at Rocket Carwash! When you sign up, you can clean your mats using our state-of-the-art mat machine! Not only this, but Rocket Car Wash uses some of the best technology and equipment to treat your vehicle to a wash like no other.


End Note

To recap, here are our 5 tips for protecting your car mats this winter:

  1. Upgrade to Winter Car Mats
  2. Clean Car Mats Regularly
  3. Use Rubber Mats
  4. Use a Mat Liner
  5. Go Unlimited at Rocket Car Wash


If you follow these tips, you will never have to worry about potential damage happening to your vehicle, especially during the winter months! If you need help keeping salta off or your mats and. care this winter stop by a Rocket Carwash location near you! 

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