3 Reasons Why Commercial Car Washes Are Eco-Friendly Choice

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When it comes to keeping your car squeaky clean, chances are you don’t give a second thought to how eco-friendly the car washing process may be. At first, the classic “sponge and bucket of water” method may seem the most sustainable. However, commercial car washes are actually the better choice for the environment. Today, we are going to explain the top 3 reasons why commercial car washes are eco-friendly and ultimately a better choice for your car washing needs. 


Reasons Why Commercials Car Washes are Eco-Friendly 


Reason 1: Commercial car washes eliminate water waste.

The first reason commercial car washes are eco-friendly and a better choice than traditional car washing is that they eliminate a lot of water waste. When you wash your car at home, it takes about 80-140 gallons of water on average. Most of this water ends up contaminated by chemicals that harm the environment and is wasted by flowing directly into nearby storm drains and waterways.

On the contrary, the typical commercial washes only use about 40-50 gallons of water per car, and they have special systems, such as wastewater treatment plans, in place to capture and recycle this water so it is not wasted. By washing your car at a commercial facility, you will benefit both the business and the environment!

Reason 2: Commercial car washes have professional equipment.

Commercial car washes use professional equipment that is designed to be both efficient and effective. However, how does operating with professional equipment make a commercial car wash eco-friendly? Because of its efficiency, the equipment reduces water usage and minimizes waste, while still providing an in-depth cleaning. In contrast to at-home methods, a hose wastes a lot of water and will not give a deep clean.

Why Car Washes Are The Eco-Friendly Choice

Reason 3: Commercial car washes use eco-friendly cleaning products.

The final reason why commercial car washes are eco-friendly and a better choice than other options is because of their use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Remember our first point about eliminating water waste? Well, when you wash your car at home, the runoff water, contaminated with chemicals, dirt, and salt, has a high potential to pollute the environment. 

Most municipalities have tight regulations for car washes when it comes to the products they use. They can use safe, low-impact chemicals that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. These products are designed to be tough on dirt, while also being gentle on the environment. Plus, as we talked about earlier, the excess water is sent through a system so that the harsh chemicals can be removed.


End Note

Overall, commercial car washes are eco-friendly and a better choice for washing your car. From eliminating waste and having professional equipment to using eco-friendly products, commercial car washes, like Rocket Carwash, are better for the environment than washing your car at home. Next time you need to wash your car, head down to your nearest Rocket Carwash location!

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