Top Car Wash Tricks For 2023

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New year, same car? Are you looking for some car wash tricks for the new year? The act of cleaning a car can feel more like a chore, and many of us do not think about car maintenance and care until something goes wrong. However, if you are proactive by following some basic car care tricks, you will save money, save time, eliminate the stress of potential breakdowns, and even extend your vehicle’s lifespan!

Car Wash Tricks:

If you are struggling with knowing where to start, keep reading to find out the top car wash tricks for 2023!

Trick 1: Don’t Wash Your Car In Direct Sunlight.

The best time to wash your car is when it is a little overcast outside. A lot of detailing and car care products will perform poorly when used in direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight also speed up the drying process of soap and water, which can lead to those pesky, white water spots and streaks.


Trick 2: Buy A Clay Bar Kit

Sometimes when your car is barreling down the highway at 60 mph or more, its surface becomes a magnet for grit and dirt in the air. The clear coat can deflect dust and small particles, but some will become embedded. This is where a clay-barring process comes into play.

Use the clay in a clay bar kit by flattening a small piece into a pancake and rubbing it over the paint. Fold the clay, flatten it again, and repeat the process until the clay turns grey. Following these steps will help you get that glass-like finish!

Top Car Wash Tricks For 2023: Clay Bar

Trick 3: Apply Polish To The Finish.

To keep your care fresh in 2023, apply polish to your car’s finish every so often. Polish helps to remove small surface imperfections and minor scratches. It also buffs the finish to make it shine. This is the key to getting the best gloss.

Trick 4: Wax The Exterior.

Let 2023 be the year you do not skip waxing your car! Waxing adds more gloss and protects the exterior of your vehicle. Apply wax to a foam applicator and rub it into the finish in a circular and swirling motion. Wipe off the excess with a microfiber towel.

Top Car Wash Tricks Trends 2023: Wax Care


Trick 5: Suck Up Dust As You Clean The Interior.

The next trick we have for you to try is to suck up dust particles with a vacuum as you clean your car’s interior. We suggest starting from the top and working your way down. Use a detailing brush to sweep dust from the dash, vents, console, and door panels right into the vacuum hose.

Top Car Wash Tricks Trends 2023: Interior Vacuuming

Trick 6: Lighten The Load.

If you are consistently hauling around heavy items, you may want to reevaluate. Take inventory of what you have in your trunk or truck bed. Is there anything that could be weighing your vehicle down and hurting your gas mileage? Lighten the load and remove some of these items.


Trick 7: Go Unlimited At Rocket Carwash.

Our last trick is to go unlimited at Rocket Carwash! Unlimited members can visit anytime they would like, in our members-only lane. With unlimited access to our wash services, your car will be clean with no hassle at all!

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