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Mercy High School Women at the Well

Please help the Mercy High School students reach their goal to raise $20,000 to support the Sisters of Mercy mission: Women at the Well by purchasing a Rocket Carwash ($23.99 value) for $10! In third world countries obtaining clean water is a daily struggle. This specifically hurts women and children because they walk miles and miles for water and end up missing out on their education. The Sisters of Mercy saw these issues and decided to work with the organization UNICEF. Together the money we are raising will go towards building water wells in these countries.

The wells cost $5,000 each and we have set a goal to build 4 wells. We appreciate your support! Now through March 20, 2022 with each $10 carwash purchased $6 will go towards our well goal. The carwash vouchers are valid for one year and can be redeemed at any Rocket Carwash location. Carwashes can be purchased as gifts, or you may purchase multiple washes for yourself. Please be generous it goes to a great cause!