The Best Way  To Clean Your  Car Mats

The Best Way  To Clean Your  Car Mats

Cleaning Your Car Mats

Learning how to clean your  car mats is essential to car maintenance. If there is a noticeable mess, you should wash your mats as quickly  as possible.  Otherwise, a quick monthly cleaning will suffice. Today, we are sharing some tips on the best way to clean your car  mats and keep your car  looking fresh! 

Before You Clean Your  Car Mat

When you begin to clean your car mats, it is most effective  to remove them from the  car completely! It is a lot  easier to tackle the dirt and stains outside of the vehicle. While the mats are out,  we recommend giving your car a good vacuuming.

How to Clean Cloth Car Mat

It is important to deep clean your car mats, especially the cloth ones, because to may have built up dirt, food debris, bacteria, or more within  the fabric. 

1. Shake and Vacuum

2. Add Baking Soda + Water

3. Use Soap

4. Vacuum Again

5. Dry Mats Thoroughly

How to Clean Rubber Car Mat

Rubber mats prevent moisture from damaging different parts of the car’s interior, but they still collect dust, dirt, and debris over time.

1. Shake and Whack

2. Rinse with a Hose

3. Wash with Soap

4. Hose Off

5. Dry the Mat

Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered!

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