Boost Your  Car Wash Fundraisers: 

Essential Tips For Success

With the summer sun, it is a great way to get people out and about for a good cause.

With the right planning and organization, you can have  a successful fundraiser in no  time at all!

Why  Should I Do A Car Wash Fundraiser?

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Create a goal and plan accordingly.

How much should we raise?  Who should be in charge?  How will it be run? Ask yourself these questions before planning.

1. Set Clear Goals

Pick a space that is big, accessible, and has high traffic to get the most our of your fundraiser.

Double check that your space  is accessible to water as well.

2. Select An  Ideal Location

Gather your volunteers and distribute responsibilities.

It can be a bit harder to find people when you are not a sports team or club, but you can reach out to your community.

3. Rally The Troops

Use flyers, social media, and your community networks to promote your fundraiser.

Explain what the fundraiser is  and what cause the money is going towards.

4. Promote The Fundraiser Effectively

Maximize your money with minimal effort.

• We work with sports teams, clubs, organizations, churches, and more!

5. Partner With Rocket Carwash!

• We create the website for you,  so all you have to worry about  is fundraising.

• Get our best rocket wash for just $10 for your fundraiser.

• Best of all, your group keeps  60% of all profits made during  the fundraiser!

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Continue Reading!

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