Why You Shouldn't  Let Pollen Build Up On Your Car

Pollen Season

The spring and summer months bring plenty of things to look forward to! However, with warm weather and sunshine also comes pollen.

Pollen can create problems for you and your vehicle if you let it build up. Today, we will be diving into 3 reasons why you shouldn't let pollen build up  on your car.

Pollen Is Sticky

If pollen has time to build up on your vehicle's exterior, it will adhere to the paint due to its sticky nature. This makes it difficult to remove later.


Pollen Causes Paint Damage

Over time, the acid in pollen grains cause discoloration  in the paint. Even worse, untreated pollen can lead to stains and rust on your car's exterior surface.


Pollen Gets Stuck In The Air Filter

When air circulates through the engine and fuel pump, pollen often gets stuck in the air filter. This means your car will have a hard time running and can affect performance.


Prevent Pollen Damage

At Rocket Carwash, we would be happy to help you prevent possible damage from pollen.

With wash features like our Rocket Dry N Shine and Hot Wax, your car will be protected!

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