Why You Should Wash YOur Car In The Winter

You may not think you need to wash your car in the winter.

But this season can be the perfect time to wash your car!

The Winter Elements

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With Rocket Carwash, we can clean your car to improve performance and protection.

Rust is inevitable, but it can  be prolonged!

Washing the exterior, especially the underbody, will help prevent rust.

1. Prevent Rust

2. Remove Slush

You will normally find yourself in slush with the salt mixing with  the snow.

Our Rocket Wax wiil make sure that the salt does not damage your paint.

Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered!

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The winter snow can cause your visibility to decrease.

Try out Rocket Spot Free Rinse to get a clear view this season!

3. Improve Visibility

4. More Grip

It is important that your tires have good traction. A simple wash can do the trick!

Try our Rocket Wheel Bright to make sure your tires are free from grime, dirt, and grease!

You should wash your car in the winter for the following reasons.

• Prevent rust.

Let's Recap!

• Remove slush.

• Improve visibility.

• More Grip

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