When Is It A Bad Idea To Go Through A Carwash?

Is Going Through A Car Wash A  Bad Idea?

Rocket Carwash, uses some  of the best technology and equipment, making this the best option for cleaning  your car! However, when is  it a bad idea to go through  a carwash? Today, we are evaluating four situations  when you should not go through a carwash.

Can a soft top go through a carwash?

If you have a soft  top convertible,  we recommend that  you hand wash your  soft top in order to guarantee a  damage-free clean!


Can I get a carwash with a cracked windshield?

You can get a carwash with  a cracked windshield, but it depends on the severity of  the crack. In general, if there  is a crack in your windshield, we recommend that you  avoid the carwash to  minimize damage.


Can a bike rack go through a carwash?

Generally, no. There is too much of a risk when it comes to taking a bike rack through the wash–both to the rack itself and the vehicle. The carwash equipment could tangle into the rack and risk the potential for harm to the carwash and even the vehicle behind you.


Can I take my car through the wash if  I just had it painted?

If you just had your car painted, you cannot take  it through the wash.  Mild cleaning materials  are safe for newly painted surfaces, but if you just  had your car painted, an automatic carwash would damage your car’s exterior.


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