How To Wash Your Car In The Winter

Cleaning Your Car This Winter

You may not think it is a  good idea to clean your car  in cold weather; however,  it is important to keep your  car clean this season to  prevent damage.

How Often Does Your Car Need Cleaned?

Experts suggest you clean  your car every two weeks to prevent damage. During the winter season, cars may  build up more dirt and debris  then usual, so washing more frequently is a good idea.


When Should You Wash?

Try to avoid washing your  car if the weather is at or below freezing. This will help prevent ice.  Also, getting a wash in the afternoon when  the sun is out can help  as well.


How Should You Clean Your Car?

Going to a commercial car  wash is a great option to  prevent damage during the cleaning process. Also, getting  a wax treatment on the  exterior is a great way to keep a protective layer on the vehicle.


Wash Indoors

Another perk to visiting Rocket Carwash is that  your car will not be washed out in the open exposed to the elements. This helps provide a quality clean in  the winter.


Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered!

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