Tips For Washing  Your Car  In Summer

Tips For  Washing  Your Car  In Summer 

Washing Your Car In Summer

The first day of summer  is just about here, which  means hot temperatures and  bright sunlight. Believe it or not, the weather outside has a huge impact on car washing.

Keep reading to get the most out of your car washes during these hot, summer months!

1. Wash On A Cloudy Day

It is best practice to wash your car on a cloudy day. Hot sun dries up soap and water much faster, leaving water and soap spots on your vehicle's surface. To avoid these spots, try to wait for an overcast day! 

2. Wash Earlier In The Day

Washing your car in the morning is a safe bet.  Both heat and sunlight  are lower in the mornings, making it easier for you to effectively wash your vehicle.

3. Apply Wax And Sealant

Apply a coat of wax and sealant to further protect your vehicle from UV rays, bugs, road debris, and more. This protective layer will keep your vehicle looking shiny for longer!

4. Stop By Rocket Carwash

The summer is the perfect time to stop by your local Rocket Carwash for the ultimate wash experience! We use the best technology to treat your car to a wash unlike any other. 

Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered!

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