February 7, 2022
Close up of a clean undercarriage of a car

The Importance Of Washing Under A Vehicle

Out of sight out of mind, could cause damage to a car in the long run. The undercarriage of a vehicle is just as important to clean and maintain as the visible exterior of the car.
January 24, 2022
a man cleaning his car windshield off with a squeegee

The Ultimate Guide For Washing Your Car Windows

Glass windows are one of the trickiest areas of a car to keep clean, but also one of the most important. Check out this guide from Rocket Car Wash to learn the best ways to wash your car's windows.
January 10, 2022
close up of someone wearing boots stepping on the gas pedal over a salt covered car mat

Don’t Be Salty & Save Your Car Mats This Winter

Rain, snow, mud and salt are all bad for car mats. If your mats are made from carpet, you’ll need to take extra precautions to prevent salt from ruining them. Here are some helpful tips from Rocket!
December 27, 2021
road salt piled up in a parking lot and on the side walk as the What Road Salt Does To Your Car poster image

What Road Salt Does To Your Car

Road salt helps melt ice, which definitely makes the roads safer. Learn exactly how road salt works, what road salt does to your car, and how to keep your car protected from Rocket Car Wash here.
December 13, 2021
Jeep going through car wash as Should You Wash Your Car In Winter poster image

Should You Wash Your Car In Winter?

Winter can be tough on cars, with water, road salt and dirt leaving their mark. That’s why you need to get in the habit of cleaning your car regularly in the winter months. Find out more from Rocket.
November 29, 2021
A row of cars driving on a snow covered road in winter

How to Prepare Your Car For Winter

With the snow fall that accompanies the cold winter season, there are counter measures you can take to stay safe and keep your car protected. Here are 7 tips from Rocket Car Wash to prepare your car.
November 15, 2021
Interior auto detailing being done be Rocket Car Wash employees

How Auto Detailing Improves Your Car’s Resale Value

For those contemplating selling their vehicles or those who simply love their car, getting them professionally detailed will help improve their value.
November 1, 2021

Car Care Tips For The Fall Season

The fall season is approaching, and this means a kaleidoscope of changing tree colors, weather patterns, and some necessary fall car care. Find out how to protect your car with these tips from Rocket!
October 18, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed By A Professional

Car detailing anywhere, especially where the weather and environment are always changing. Here are 5 reasons from Rocket Car Wash about why you should get an expert to detail your car.