Myth Busted:  Car Washes Damage Your Car

Myth Busted:  Car Washes Damage Your Car

Will A Car Wash Scratch My Car?

Have you heard the myth that getting a car wash can damage your car?  This is a myth that is far from the truth because automated/ commercial car washes are one of the safest options for cleaning your car!

Home Washes Lead To  More Damage

When cleaning a car scratches and swirl marks often come from the vehicles owner! Improper hand-washing techniques often lead to  these marks. Modern drive-through car cleaners use car safe soaps and brushes to avoid those issues.

Research The Car Wash

Doing research on the car wash you select can help ease your mind and give you better insight onto the care your car will receive! This can also help you to know which features will  be offered at the location near you!

An Efficient Choice  For Cleaning

Cleaning your car by going through a commercial car wash will save you a significant amount of time.  Utilizing an unlimited membership option will allow you to clean your car regularly and avoid damage from dirt build up and scratches from removing build-up!

Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered!

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