How To  Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Why You Should Keep Your Car Looking New!

Cars can decrease in value quickly, so it is important to maintain a new fresh look! Keeping your car clean is not a difficult chore and can pay off by helping your car maintain value.

Be Mindful Of Where You Park!

- Park in open spaces without trees overhead

- Keep detailing spray and a microfiber cloth in  your car

- Remove bird poop quickly for the least amount of damage to the exterior

Parking under trees may keep your car in the shade, but it comes with the risk of damage from animals in the trees.  Bird poop can deteriorate your cars paint.

Wash Your Car Regularly!

Getting regular carwashes helps maintain the exterior of your car. Choose a professional wash to prevent scratches and make sure you are getting a soap safe for your car!

Vacuum and Wipe Down Surfaces!

- Vacuum Regularly

- Vacuum built-up dirt  from carpets

- Wipe down surfaces to prevent damage from corrosive materials like salt

- Clean the upholstery

Keeping the interior clean is just as important as the exterior in helping save your car's value in the long run!

Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered! 

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