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With back-to-school approaching it is time to start preparing your car. Whether you are moving to college or dropping your kids off at school, having a clean car can make the journey better. Back-to-school can also mean busy schedules, but don't stress! Let Rocket Carwash handle all of your car interior and exterior needs for you! 

Get Rid  Of Pet Odor

If you have pets your car has probably been hit with fur and odors. Often times we go nose blind to these aromas, but our passengers won't. Rocket Carwash offers interior detailing to remove any pet pollen and odors!

Remove Summertime Stains

Summer adventures may have resulted in stains. From wet bathing suits to ice cream your car may have gained some stains this summer. Rocket Carwash's interior detailing can help to remove those stains for a fresh start this fall!

Eliminate Pollen

Spring and summer often bring pollen to your car. Cleaning this pollen off of your car can help prevent allergies and damage to your vehicle!

Make Your Car  Look New

Show off your car this back-to-school by making it look like new! An exterior wash with Rocket Carwash can have your car looking brand new and ready to show off at drop off!

Prepare  For Passengers

Whether roadtripping to college or hosting a carpool you may have new passengers this back-to-school season. This summer has been busy, so let us help clean seats and carpets for you to create a comfortable and clean space for you and your passengers!

Whether you're looking for a quick and simple wash, or the works, we've got you covered! 

Unlimited Plans Available  For Less Than $1/Day!

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