Fundraising Add value to your program when you partner with Rocket!

United Way of the Midlands

When you make a gift to United Way of the Midlands, you’re investing in more than 100 local nonprofit programs alongside thousands of other donors. Together, these programs are addressing pressing social and economic disparities and meeting families’ essential needs, such as healthy food, a safe place to go after school and a stable job. That means, with just one donation, you are creating an entire circle of support around our community. By purchasing a $10 Rocket Carwash ($23.99 value) $6 of that purchase will be donated to the United Way. The carwash vouchers are valid for one year and can be redeemed at any Rocket Carwash location. Carwashes can be purchased and sent as digital gifts, or you may purchase multiple washes for yourself. The funds go directly to a greatly needed cause in our community. Thank you for your support!