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JDRF Nebraska

The JDRF One Walk is your chance to show the world that together, we can conquer type 1 diabetes (T1D). If you're living with T1D or you love someone living with T1D, you'll likely do just about anything to make life easier. JDRF One Walk powers research enables advocacy and funds support for the 1.6 million Americans living with T1D. By purchasing a $10 Rocket Carwash ($23.99 value) $6 of that purchase will be donated to JDRF and credited to your walk team. The carwash vouchers are valid for one year and can be redeemed at any Rocket Carwash location. Carwashes can be purchased and sent as digital gifts, or you may purchase multiple washes for yourself. By supporting the JDRF One Walk, you'll be part of the lasting footprint we'll make for the T1D community now, and for generations to come.