Unlimited Car Wash Membership – Omaha, NE

On the nicest days, the car wash is always the busiest however, with a monthly car wash pass, you can bypass the line of purchasing a car wash and advance right to the tunnel. Rocket Carwash’s unlimited car wash program is fast and convenient.

How It Works

A monthly membership to a car wash is similar to a gym membership. Use it when you want! Pay up front and your pass is valid for 30 days and will automatically renew the next month on the anniversary date of when you purchased your original membership.

When you decide to purchase a monthly unlimited car wash program, you will be given an RFID sticker to place inside the front window for the RFID reader to read when you come through the wash. This is your vehicles pass to get a car wash. The RFID sticker is programed to the type of wash you purchased for the month. From then on, washing your car will be a breeze. Each time you enter the car wash, the RFID sticker will be read and will recognize your car and the services you purchased. There is no handling cash or credit cards once your initial pass is purchased.

At the end of your vehicle’s membership anniversary purchase date, unless you cancel your subscription, your card will automatically be recharged for the same car wash previously bought. The current RFID sticker in your front window will still work and will be the same wash your vehicle previously was receiving. If you are looking to cancel your membership, it must be done at least 7 days prior to your billing date. Each billing date is dependent on when you purchased your pass.

The monthly membership unlimited program is per vehicle. Each RFID sticker is only valid on ONE vehicle. If you have multiple vehicles in your household, each vehicle will need its own RFID sticker and its own monthly membership fee.

Monthly Passes

Rocket Carwash has monthly passes available at ALL locations and for ALL services. We have passes that correspond with each of our car wash levels. Monthly car wash passes are a fast, convenient option for someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about paying each time for an exterior wash. At the end of your vehicle’s membership anniversary, the system automatically charges your credit card and you’re good to go for another month!

Purchase a monthly unlimited car wash plan for all your vehicles online or in-store today!

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