Car Dealership Car Wash Program – Omaha, NE

At Rocket Carwash in Omaha and Lincoln, we have a program fit for every car dealership around town. Our car dealership car wash program lets dealerships add added value to their customers at a minimal cost. Purchase discounted car wash passes for your dealership to use at our car wash locations located throughout the Omaha and Lincoln metro. These passes are valid at any Rocket Carwash tunnel wash. Eliminate the need to wash cars by hand on-site with a monthly car wash pass from Rocket Carwash.

Benefits to Our Car Dealership Car Wash Program

When trying to sell a vehicle, you want to ensure it is clean and looking its best. With the Rocket Carwash Car Dealership car wash program, you can rest easy knowing that you will have access to an automatic car wash facility around town.

The benefits to our car dealership car wash program are:

  • Eliminates delays caused by service customers waiting for their vehicles to be washed
  • Avoid the increasing regulation around wash water management
  • Reduces need for labor costs
  • Put investments toward car dealership rather than car wash machines

Cleanest Car Wash in Omaha

Rocket Carwash is Omaha’s cleanest car wash. We have all the latest technology and use environmentally safe soaps. Today we strive to offer eco-friendly, customer driven service. Our car wash machines are not touchless as we believe the only way to actually clean a car fully is to thoroughly scrub it with soft rollers. Rocket Carwash continues to grow and is always opening new locations throughout the Omaha and Lincoln metros.

Stop in today to learn more about our car dealership car wash program and see how you can start saving at your dealership today!

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