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Located at 59th & Quebec, Fort Worth, TX


Rocket Carwash - Lake Worth: NOW OPEN

Rocket Carwash is Now Open at 59th & Quebec Street. Choose from any of our premium automatic car wash options, including our Express Wash, Ultimate Wash and our MOST POPULAR - Rocket Wash! At Rocket Carwash, you'll get a Rocket Clean everytime which means premium clean, speedy quick! Visit Us Today!

Rocket Carwash Features

Underbody Wash

Get rid of the grimne and debris that builds up under your vehicle! Our underbody wash cleans and protects your vehicle for optimal performance.

Free Vacuums

Enjoy free vacuums every time you wash! Unlimited members have unlimited access to our vacuums.

Rocket Shield

Give your car the ultimate protection with ceramic coating. Protect your car from UV rays, increase the life of your vehicle's paint, and increase the shine of your car.

Rain Repel

Causes water to bead and roll of your car with ease - we want to protect the glossy, gorgeous coat you receive with all our products.

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